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Melissa DeMarco

Hi! I'm Melissa DeMarco.

I'm a freelance web developer in the Chicagoland area.

I'd love to build your website, manage your digital content or help with your blog!

What I Work With:










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How can I assist you?

I offfer a variety of services to help your brand grow.

Digital Content Management

Let me keep your website up to date while you focus on your business! I'll update your site as often as you'd like and install security updates as needed.

Social Media Management

Let's show the world what your business can do for them! You're doing great work, let's send you new customers through the power of social media!

SEO Services

Proper Search Engine Optimization will bring your website to the top of Google's search results. Millions of people search Google each day, let's bring them to your website!

Custom Design

Whether starting from scratch or updating your current website, my UI/UX developement will take your website to the next level! All of my creations are built with the user in mind, guaranteed to look amazing across platforms and screen sizes.


The world's most popular Content Managment system offers clean, intuitive sites that drive leads. If you're new to blogging, I specialize in setting you up with only what you need. If you want a website you can easily maintain yourself, I'll create a custom theme for your business.

Not sure which category your project fits into? No problem!

Email me to set up a free New Client Consultation!

My Partnerships

No matter the size, I strive to build awesome relationships with my clients.

Recent projects coming soon! Please contact me here if you would like examples of my work.

Ready to work together?

That's great! Let's get in touch!

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